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Welcome to Yoga-Well-Being Movement Arts

in Columbus, OH

Yoga-Well-Being Movement Arts is a unique and very small studio in the Grandview area of Columbus, Ohio, not far from Upper Arlington and the OSU campus. If you are looking for what yoga was traditionally designed to create - a quiescent mind and a healthy body, look no further. YWB is for those who are not interested in extremes, whether it be poses, temperatures or instruction. So whether you are young and trying to find new friends, or mature and looking for introspection it is the perfect studio for you. YWB is committed to creating a friendly community of like minded individuals. We offer a variety of different yoga styles that are perfect for all students regardless of age or fitness. Other movement arts such as Zumba, Dance, Capoeira and Hoops are offered periodically. Yoga-Well-Being Movement Arts is all about making YOU feel good, think better and be your best!

It's Your Yoga, For Your Needs, To Your Benefit

Classes at Yoga-Well-Being are not only about the physical workout, even though the asanas will provide many health benefits. A committed yoga practice at Yoga-Well-Being Movement Arts will create a healthy and spiritual balance in your life. 

You are welcome to try any and all classes at YWB. All skill levels are welcome at each and every class. Mature children, 12 years of age and older, may attend the adult classes when accompanied with an adult also attending the class. Bring your mat, an open mind, and a willingness to discover new possibilities. 

All the classes are different and informed by each instructor's own unique experiences, training and personality. We invite you to enter the studio with a child’s mind and be open to the possibilities of your practice, and to the healing of your entire being. At Yoga-Well-Being Movement Arts, we practice the intention of yoga by treating everyone with love, respect and compassion.

We look forward to welcoming you into our yoga community which we hope will soon become your second home.

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monthly workshops (90 minutes)

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$25 EACH 
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Within the first couple of classes, I felt myself transform. I slowly saw my anxiety disappear (of course it resurfaces every now and then). I also saw a change in my physical body, as I was more flexible and could see visible toning.

I feel like there is an instructor and class for every mood that I
have or area in which I want to focus on. I also feel that YWB is such a welcoming and non-judgmental studio, that I truly feel like I am with family and friends. I was nervous when I first started that I would look silly or feel as though I was being judged for not knowing what I was doing, but I never once felt that way. I would and have recommended YWB to anyone and everyone.  –Veronica

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